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Survey said: Roe V Wade decision was rendered this week in 1973 and a 2012 survey revealed 38% of U.S. adults couldn’t GUESS what it was !

Breast implant leak causes emergency surgery thereby delaying a bigamy trial???To make it even more bizarre, the trial was for wife of Congressman Alan Grayson.

New York State is one of only TWO states where 16 year-olds are treated as adults under the law. If we raise that minimum to 17 and then 18 as proposed then these felons would be above the law,no?

Governor Cuomo stated, “In the next 45 days we plan to embark on a trade mission with Cuba”, “Let us get opportunities for NY companies”. Hmmmm, casino.

Economics 101: Motley Crue and Alice Cooper at the New York Stock Exchange closing bell.

Cuomo invited 300 public school kids to his bashing of public education. What a bully he is.

NY Jets new GM calls his position a dream job. Just remember some dreams are nightmares.