What a wonderful evening it was. My bride accompanied me first to a nice dinner and then a short car ride to the CINEMA ARTS CENTER in Huntington ,New York  to view greatness, the superb documentary CHASING TRANE. We arrived a bit early as I knew the theater was SOLD OUT. Fortunately , when we arrived, the line was short and the crowd was being seated. Many seats were reserved for “dignitaries” AKA The Board of Trustees for THE COLTRANE HOME, and a few musicians.

To my surprise I was across the aisle from one of my favorite drummers, 92 years young Mr. ROY HAYNES.Seated directly behind him was bassist REGGIE WORKMAN. This was going to be a evening of memories which will last a lifetime for me.

After a lengthy, and late starting introduction of purpose, mission (To raise funds for The COLTRANE HOME), etc. etc, the film began. This documentary chronicles the life and times of JOHN COLTRANE and his influence on ALL types of music. In light of the fact that this was a fundraiser for the “saving” of the COLTRANE HOME in Dix Hills, a neighboring town, many paid close attention to the music written in that home by both John (A LOVE SUPREME) and his wife ALICE COLTRANE, a musician in her own rite.

After the film, to huge applause,REGGIE WORKMAN answered a few questions, and a SKYPE call was made to the director of the film, JOHN SCHEINFIELD who also fielded questions and gave insights to the making of the film including a humorous tale as to how DENZEL WASHINGTON was chosen to narrate the film and DENZEL’S response.

Special thanks to the CINEMA ARTS CENTER in Huntington for hosting this worthwhile and educational endeavor.