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The Grammy’s

For what seemed like in ages I finally succumbed to my inner child instincts hoping to be musically entertained and watched that dreaded awards program known as THE GRAMMY’S. I do like James Corden who except for the fact of he being a budding star on the sponsoring network got the gig to host this year’s extravaganza and to top it off with me being a New Yorker I was pleased to hear that the awards would be given out on the stage of what is known as THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ARENA. In this sacred hall I viewed many an event (The Doors, Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin, etc, etc.) and I am sure that being on the stage of this particular arena appealed to many of the performers, presenters, recipients and the spectators.

The hubbub which surrounds this particular genre of awards perplexes me,that is, Song, Record, Album, etc OF THE YEAR actually means nothing and is quite subjective. Aren’t these categories one in the same? Meaning, the “album” is a collection of tunes AKA “songs” which are sequenced on a collection known as an “album”. If you win “song of the year” I surmise one would also take home “record of the year” AND have a good shot but not necessarily winning “album of the year”. Here’s where it all gets muddy for me. Example, BRUNO MARS wins an armful of statuettes and probably rightfully so, however let me be honest to state I do not own the collection for which we speak but do enjoy Bruno Mars talents. Yet the critics of the show are complaining that JAY-Z was shut out, and so and so didn’t get that award, etc.etc.

Next up is the censorship of songs. If an artist performs his/her (mostly guys this year) tune live, as a recreation of the recorded song AND that song has profanity or racial slurs, or inappropriate in mixed company whatever, that tune should be broadcast as such and the network should not censored it. This morning I read an article proclaiming a mother’s indignation at all the “bleeps” and then Mom found out her 12 year old daughter knew (and uses) all the words when the youngster sings the tune in the privacy of her room.

And finally, to the performers,especially Sting, U-2, Sir Elton, Patti LaPone, come on folks, take a bow, a bow out. The audience, me especially, would have been better served listening to a newer artist, without the censorship. Unfortunetly, THE GRAMMY’S is run by aging white dudes about my age and as a result the show will lose their intended audience: the young consumers of the new music.

So as a result I say, “goodnight” to the GRAMMY’S and I’ll probably never return but unfortunately neither will the record buying public.