The White Boy Blues aka BUDDY GUY @ WESTBURY

Strange as it sounds this white boy blues thing is a real entity. It’s not spiritual yet it does exist, usually at a blues concert. Take the BUDDY GUY show I attended the other night at WESTBURY. The first act THE BEN MILLER BAND whipped the audience, mostly white males, into a mild frenzy. After intermission which had huge lines of patrons buying extreme amounts of alcohol, many guys were seen walking away from the counter with (double) shooters and beers, the lights dimmed for BUDDY and his band.

BUDDY rocked ‘em from note one- Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues. As the show progressed and as is BUDDY’s nature he engaged the audience with his monologue,that is the history of the blues which is always a treat until…

Why does some idiot need to think BUDDY’s monologue is a DIALOGUE? Or worse an invitation to agree by speaking loudly to your buddy, not just BUDDY. It goes something (almost verbatim) like this:

BUDDY: Muddy Waters was ….(inaudible because)

ASSHOLE: I fuckin’ love Muddy, you go Buddy, you da best Motherfucker, you rock….

ASSHOLE 2: (yells out) Remember the time you played with Hendrix?

BUDDY: Son, Hendrix played with ME. (as Buddy throws in a few Jimi licks)


ASSHOLE 3 is chatting with his neighbors to the point where the guy behind me states, “Do you ever shut up? Geez guys give us a break”. To which ASSHOLE 3 said, “FUCK OFF”.

Security arrives requesting ASSHOLE 3 to keep it down AND they offer to move the offended party (behind us) to “better seats”. Now, I’m offended but I keep quiet. Unfortunately, security could not find better seats for the gentlemen behind us, and ASSHOLE 3 made a sarcastic comment, “I would have missed you guys, please don’t leave”.

By this time BUDDY GUY is starting his “stroll”, walking around the arena while playing some sweet ass sounds. Beautiful. I get my phone out to take a photo or two as THE MAN himself is walking by. I snap away until I feel the push of the crowd, then an elbow to the head. Hell No, it’s not the push of the crowd but rather ASSHOLE 3 and his partner are punching it out with the two “gentlemen” who were seated behind us. Security is all over it, pulling, pushing, shoving, doing their very best to contain this mess. In a matter of seconds three dudes are being dragged away while the left over one, the bigger of the “gentlemen” was being held by a much bigger security guard. Meanwhile, BUDDY is still in the same position a few feet away, playing as if nothing is happening in front of him. A few more (blurry) shots I take and back to my seat.

I have a T-shirt which I should have worn that evening. Emblazoned across the back in huge letters is the following: HEY WHEN THE BAND IS PLAYING SHOW SOME RESPECT…SHUT THE FUCK UP. Next time I will.

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