IN THE HOUSE: JUNE 2, 2018: THE BLUES BEATLES @ Boulton Center, Bay Shore, NY

Cover bands and tribute bands are not my cup of tea. My friend CHRIS on the other hand enjoys tribute FLOYD and EAGLES bands on a regular basis. I guess it saves lots of ticket money and saves time awaiting for the originals to re-appear, or in the case of PINK FLOYD reuniting, well that ain’t a happening folks. Not that there is anything wrong with tribute bands. Sitting in a bar where you can enjoy the company of friends over a few drinks and hear the recreation of music by bands you throughly enjoy is not a bad night out.

So tonight, well it was without hesitation that I purchased tickets for this show after seeing a collection of this band’s “recreations” on As a matter of fact, I was anxiously anticipating this evening because these six guys merged THE BEATLES with THE BLUES, and I can really get into hearing that live. So here (hear) we go.

After an excellent dinner in an adjoining restaurant we walked the crowded street to the small venue. After a stop at the lobby bar we were escorted to our seats. There is not a bad seat in the house by the way. Sight lines were clear, access great, and a decent sound system was in place. The band started promptly after a few words about the origin of the theater. Lights out.

The Beatles, Little Richard,The Beatles, a drum solo (amazingly good jazzy beats), B.B. King,and back to The Beatles with some serious BOOKER T. and THE MG’S (Green Onion) riffs, as well as a mash-up of ALBERT KING’S “Blues Power” used as the backdrop for “Yesterday”. Throughly enjoyable show as these lads could play (each took some solo time to shine) and obviously were having fun and ultimately so did we.Bravo to THE BLUES BEATLES.