IN THE HOUSE June 8, 1972-TODD RUNDGREN AND THE HELLO PEOPLE @ CARNEGIE HALL  School had ended and I was finalizing all my duties as Managing Editor of the college newspaper and just happened to check my mailbox one last time before heading home. In my cubby was an envelope from BEARSVILLE RECORDS addressed to me. Seems that all my talk on my college radio program about seeing NAZZ in 68 followed with the constant playing of the TODD RUNDGREN RADIO SHOW promo disc that Bearsville issued had paid off. Inside I found two comp tickets to see TODD RUNDGREN with THE HELLO PEOPLE at Carnegie Hall.

THE HELLO PEOPLE, hard to describe their sound but easy to describe their look…they were dressed as mimes, white face and all, not speaking a word to the audience between songs while acting out routines. Geez. Then TODD took over and rocked the joint. BUZZY LINHART who was seated next to me was called to the stage to join in on the festivities. Overall, a great night of RUNDGREN music.

TODD 72 Carnegie

TODD 72 CarnegieTODD 72 Carnegie