Ticket Stub Man:

According to my friends and family my obsession with music extends to an extreme level. It is not just the music that I love but LIVE music especially that I enjoy the most.Sitting at home listening to a recording or traveling in a car with the radio on will do once in awhile. But it is the excitement of a live show that hits the spot for me.Over the years and in the process of attending literally hundreds of shows I have accumulated many items of  minor importance but tokens of remembrance of a time well spent…ticket stubs, programs, badges, bumper stickers, and the like. A few years back I decided that a few blokes on e-bay may enjoy one or two of my items more than the old mayonnaise jar which I used for storage of stubs found in my closet or records in my basement. So I experimented. And within a few weeks surprisingly I had more than $1000.00 (US) in my e-bay account. Flamin’ Groovies records, a poster, a flexi-disc and magazine went for about $75.00. A Grateful Dead 45 Compilation sold, A Cramps Picture Disc gone, DEVO 45,Johnny Thunders 45, a few CDs,Elvis Costello, Stiff Little Fingers,Raunch Hands, Raybeats, all gone. Easy money for the taking. With things going this smoothly on recorded things I ventured out with a few ticket stubs and concert programs and for sheer joy of my new endeavor I watched the final bidding develop on my screen. Fillmore East ticket stubs sold: THE WHO (6/6/69) $10.60; LED ZEPPELIN( 5/30/69)$ 61.77; DELANEY BONNIE AND FRIENDS w/ ERIC CLAPTON (2/7/70) $10.70 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL $15.50. To a collector this may be cheap prices but to me, I didn’t pay more than $5.50 for any of those shows and I only sold a TICKET STUB for a nice profit. Hence, my buddy Joe dubbed me THE TICKET STUB MAN.

One morning I arrived at my desk to see my name plate removed and this one taking it’s place.

Then in another short burst of e-Bay activity I sold a few more items mostly ticket stubs and programs, etc…. and…Whew, my rent is paid. A Cat Stevens ticket, Blind Faith, Twisted Sister, The Clash, Led Zep, Springsteen, all sold in the next few weeks and sometimes the bidding was fierce. But then one morning I get an e-mail from a certain gentle men who owned a memorabilia shop in NYC across from Electric Lady Studios. The cat knows I have a certain item he needs for “his ” collection. A full size ticket, not  a stub, for The Randall’s Island Pop Festival, Sunday Night , a festival in which Jimi Hendrix performed. He started the bidding at “a hundred” and when I said,  “let’s see where it goes”,  he determinedly stated “$250.00 Cash delivered to your office in the morning Fed Ex”. BINGO, SOLD.

The next morning my secretary told me a Fed Ex guy was here and he entered my office with a FED EX envelop in which I found five brand new $50.00 bills and a return FED EX envelop insured and addressed to him. The exchange was made and again THE TICKET STUB man made some quick cash. jazzbus@gmail.com

The Doors 1/24/69 MSG                                         $122.50

Led Zep May 1969                                                  $61.77

THE WHO June 1969                                             $10

Blind Faith July 1969                                              $51.75

Creedence Clearwater Revival July 69                   $15.50

Led Zep 8/30/69 originally at Singer(on LZwebsite)  $15.00

Delaney Bonnie Friends w/ Clapton Feb 1970       $10.50

Grateful Dead Program 5/15/70                              $31.00

CSNY 6/6/70                                                           $15.50

Ten Years After 6/25/70                                         $8.90

Byrds Sept 12, 1970                                                $6.00

Derek and Dominoes October 24, 1970                 $15.00(program)/$44.00(stub)

Fillmore Auction                                                    $21.00 Stub

Fillmore Auction                                                    $24.00 Program

TYA MSG 11/13/70 Buddy Miles Express           $5.00

Jefferson Airplane Nov 1970                                 $12.05

Derek and Dominoes Suffolk CC                          $20.00

Grand Funk RR/Humble Pie  MSG 12/18/70        $8.25

Hot Tuna Jan 71                                                     $5.00

Faces/Black Sabbath Feb 1971                              $29.99Program/$19.99Stub

Allman Brothers March 13/71                               $29.99

Elton John 4/8/71                                                   $100.00(package4 Elton tixs)

Last Show (Allmans)                                             $175.00

THE WHO at Forest Hills  Who’s Next                 $15.50

Led Zep MSG    Sept                                              $28.50

Dr John/ Weather Report October 1971 Beacon    $5.00

Led Zep 6/15/72 Nassau Coliseum                          $74.00

Cat Stevens 11/6/72 Philharmonic Hall NYC        $18.50

Dylan and The Band 1/30/74 MSG                         $37.00

Rolling Stones MSG 6/25/75                                  $15.00

Kingfish (Program) Capitol Jersey 12/5/75            $14.00

Linda Ronstadt Capitol Jersey               12/6/75     $6.60

Fleetwood Mac MSG 6/30/77                                 $8.27

Frank Zappa Palladium Tix Stb 10/29/77               $7.00

Patti Smith Richard Hell CBGB Theatre                $6.00

Ramones Runaways 3/24/78 Calderone                 $5.50

THE WHO MSG 9/13/79                                      $15.00

The Clash BONDS INTN’L 5/29/81                     $41.00

John Entwistle 1/30/96 at TRAMPS NYC           $5.00

Randalls Island Festival                                          $250.00