IN THE HOUSE: June 11, 1971: LONG JOHN BALDRY@The RockPile, Island Park

June 11: Long John Baldry /Illusion/Grease Band@ Rock Pile formerly The Action House: The night before I had a date for ELTON JOHN at Carnegie Hall cancel out at the last minute. I guess she heard an earful about how pissed I was from the couple who drove me to the Carnegie show. So the phone rings and it is her asking me out, to see LONG JOHN BALDRY in Island Park, and she is driving. Hey, I know this is one way she is making it up and I’m no fool so away I go, even with absolutely no interest in seeing this show. We are joined by the couple from the previous evening.

The Grease Band, without Joe Cocker is, well, not particularly good, as a matter of fact they were pretty bad. The ILLUSION is some local cats, sorta like the house band at this venue and were passable. Then, LONG JOHN BALDRY at 6 foot seven inches except for his size was forgettable, but he had MICKY WALLER(Jeff Beck’s TRUTH) on drums. Mr. Baldry did his schtick, his signature tune

“Don’t Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll”, again, forgettable.