For some reason my interest in “Copyright Law” started when I read about CHARLES MINGUS’ plight in the late 1960’s. Mr. Mingus knew first hand about how artists, particularly jazz artists, were being ripped off by unscrupulous record company execs, especially by the independent labels, who could and would disappear overnight. With that knowledge Mr. Mingus started his own “publishing and recording companies to protect and document his growing repertoire of music” (mingusmingusmingus.com). After his death in 1979 his legacy was protected as best it could be by his ever vigilant wife, Sue Mingus. Unfortunately, if one checks the various versions of his records available in markets (discogs.com, etc) one will find anywhere from 40 to 100 different versions of Mingus’ (and other jazz artists) albums originating from many countries where NOT one cent in royalties is paid to the artist.

MINGUS DYNASTY, on the turntable today, has me toe tapping and groovin’ to MINGUS on bass and the interchange with drummer par excellent DANNIE RICHMOND. Funny how( circa 1972) I see MARK-ALMOND BAND and lo and behold their drummer was none other than Mingus sidekick DANNIE RICHMOND. What a joy to behold, but I digress.

This album was the second album added (circa my time 1970) to my MINGUS collection which now totals about 16. When I recently saw the reissue I snatched it up to replace my scratchy copy and glad that I did.

For those in the NYC area, every Monday is MINGUS MONDAY at JAZZ STANDARD on 27th Street. Stop on by for some great music by fabulous players. Or pick up a copy of MINGUS BIG BAND or better yet a copy of one of Charles originals on IMPULSE records. Enjoy.