As was common practice in the 1950’s and early 60’s, albums were primarily a collection of singles previous released, so that is the case in what has been called THE ROCKING CHAIR ALBUM aka HOWLIN” WOLF’S second album. I became familiar with one CHESTER BURNETT when I saw the credits to a song “SMOKESTACK LIGHTNING”( a “one chord vamp in E minor”) performed by various artists in the late 1960’s. At the same time I saw the name WILLIE DIXON and sought out more information about these two gentleman, finding that SPOONFUL, KILLING FLOOR and a host of others had their names listed on songs already in my collection by other artist. Soon, I added some “original” Howlin’ Wolf, and Willie Dixon records to my ever expanding collection. Today, ON THE TURNTABLE’s selection is one of the finest collection of “singles” by THE WOLF playing what his mother deemed to be “the devil’s music”.Pick up a copy, you not be disappointed. Enjoy