June 14,1977-LED ZEPPELIN@ Madison Square Garden… Since May of 1969, I saw Led Zeppelin every time they hit the colonies.This night was my 8th and probably last time to see LED ZEPPELIN barring any miraculous events whereby they reunite with JOHN BONHAM.Hey, I still have a hard time seeing one of my all time favs THE WHO without the shenanigans of KEITH MOON doing “Magic Bus”. But, I digress, again. Back to Led Zep. WPLJ the NEW YORK radio station gave us buttons celebrating the bands 6 nights sold out performances at THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ARENA . My notes are vague but in my marble composition notebook where I store ticket stubs, etc, I do have a copy of JOHN ROCKWELL’s NYTIMES review of the shows. It was a 3 hour extravaganza complete with an acoustic set in the middle. Jimmy did do his violin bow routine with a lazer show accompaniment, and JOHN BONHAM did his obligatory hand drumming during MOBY DICK. I don’t recall any new material and few from LED ZEPPELIN I and II.(My Notes: a fucking hour’s wait before they play…THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME opened the show, Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love and closed with Rock and Roll) It is significant to note that waiting an hour for any band is a sin in my book. I waited just shy of two hours before I stormed out of MSG for SLY and THE FAMILY STONE, finding out the next day it was  3 1/2 hour wait in total. Fortunately I had comp tixs so missing him/them didn’t cost me a dime. But waiting for JIMMY, ROBERT, JOHN-PAUL, and BONZO was a chore as I was in the crowd during the September 3, 1971 appearance when M-80’s and such were being throw from the balconies to the crowd below. But this in 1977 was seeing Led Zeppelin after a 2 year hiatus and I was ready, just please hurry up boys, start the show.They did not disappoint.

JUNE 15,1972 LED ZEPPELIN @ Nassau Memorial Coliseum (5th Led Zeppelin show)

Advertised as a “3 1/2 hour show” and as I was still shaking from the MSG fiasco a year ago (M-80’s thrown from the balcony to the crowd below) I had NO intentions of going to this brand new venue to see Led Zeppelin. But while leaving the RUNDGREN show at CARNEGIE HALL (June 8) we found two tickets for LZ in the glove compartment of my VW bug. Still to this day I never found who or why the tixs were there but a free show cannot be passed up. And away we go, about 14th row center, me seated there with me looking over my shoulder the whole time. “Immigrant Song” opened the show, but my fav was (Moby Grape’s) “ Since I’ve Been Loving You” and they finished out with about a 25 minute romp of a ‘Whole Lotta Love” medley. A free for me and I sold the ticket stub years later. (my ticket stub is on their web site)