ON THE SHELF: FOLLOW THE MUSIC: THE LIFE AND HIGH TIMES OF  ELECTRA RECORDS IN THE GREAT YEARS OF AMERICAN POP CULTURE by Jac Holzman and Gavan Daws (First Media 2014) This book is written in oral history style following topics while basically remaining in a chronological fashion. It starts off in Greenwich Village  1950’s as most folk rock tales do. JAC speaks about his love for early folk music, and jazz, and how by age 19 he was thrust head first in the recording business. This was a time for him, as an independent, he was only concerned with the long player (lp) as opposed to the singles market, totally unique in the business. Through out the book we meet folks who were involved with THE DOORS, LOVE, JUDY COLLINS, CARLY SIMON, PHIL OCHS,TIM BUCKLEY and others who help develop the artists on ELEKTRA RECORDS and how this small independent company became a giant in the business.

MY LITTLE KNOWN FUN FACT THAT I LOVE: While not being able to get The Lovin’ Spoonful for $10,000, JAC HOLZMAN went to LA, found LOVE and signed the band the next day for $5000 CASH, which Arthur Lee demanded. The next day Arthur Lee arrives with a gold Mercedes 300 which he paid $4500.00, he also bought a harmonica, he gave the other band members $100.00 each. What a sport.