I changed the IN THE HOUSE designation to a more appropriate TICKETS TORN IN HALF: June 17,1972 @ Wollman Rink in Central Park

This phenomena known as Dr John brings good music with each new album(GUMBO- his fifth 1972) yet most of my friends think THE GOOD DOCTOR is one strange cat.They immediately flash back to the cover of GRIS GRIS or BABYLON and hear “I’m Dr. John, The Night Tripper…” but he is so much more than that. Tonight is my second appointment with the Dr. as he opens the show featuring CANNED HEAT. I’ll be upfront, not a fan of Canned Heat live, as a 45 minute boogie does nothing for me, so the Doctor is the show for me. And a show he put on, actually my friends were correct, he was spooky strange tonight, as in full regalia, face painted, headdress, and all. Geez, it was so good. Would have been better if it was dark rather that 5PM at night. But he did not disappoint, except it was too short a set of about 6 tunes with the longest being…I WALK ON GILDED SPLINTERS, oh yes, and IKO IKO from his latest.