TICKETS TORN IN HALF: June 19, 1976-JESSE COLIN YOUNG/ AZTEC TWO STEP @ Wollman Rink in Central Park

Somedays you just need to be mellow, more laid back,more restful and this show was one of those days and nights for me, a night as in “extremely mellow”. I had just finished working full time as a history teacher in a suburban high school while also getting my Masters two nights a week.I needed a vacation but since a teacher’s salary was relatively nothing (in those days) I had to get a summer job as a laborer to get me through the 8 weeks without a paycheck and that would start in a few days. Tonight was my night of rest, my mini-vacation, and what could be more restful then a concert under the stars in the middle of Manhattan.

AZTEC TWO STEP, a duo, opened the show. Their first release was getting some air play, especially their tune about DEAN MORIARTY. Nice harmonies, but the “you do the bakin’ and I’ll do the makin” sort of lost me. So I relaxed as they played, I got mellower.

Thanksgiving of 1969 I saw The YOUNGBLOODS open for THE AIRPLANE at FILLMORE EAST. I loved that show. Now here we are about seven years later with the YOUNGBLOODS chief honcho JESSE COLIN YOUNG (who announced he was born in Queens) and his band. Geez, were they good,oh man, mellow folk rock with jazz overtones tossed in. The flute player was amazing on the opening number and helped with my mellowness, “Sunlight”, “Miss Hesitation”, and MERCY,MERCY, ME/ WHAT’S GOING ON…. ahhhhh and we weren’t done, there were plenty more songs yet to be played. Then the encores, as in many, and of course “Get Together” with FELIX PAPPALARDI , who produced the YOUNGBLOOD’S first album, on bass. It was like a night at a spa, mellow,so relaxed, I was ready for anything, except work on Monday.