I guess television was not enough to brainwash the youth of AMERICA ( and other points of interest) with that sinful Rock N Roll so now the movies will be utilized. Sure, movies offered ELVIS and SINATRA in plenty of starring roles, with a few tunes thrown, but this one, this time, The TAMI SHOW was meant for us, the teens to experience a live concert setting in all its grandeur. The screaming girls (and guys), the bands hitting the stage one after the other while giving the audience their hits, as well as their movements. Oh, yes, the movements; the hip shaking, the choreography, the microphone tricks, the guitars, the drums, all of it which you can’t experience (see) on vinyl. So here it is. I just turned 13, saw the ad for the movie playing in the next town and NEEDED to go, not just wanted to go, I truly NEEDED to go. My friends were not as interested as I was so I walked alone with my 35 cent admission to experience THE T.A.M.I Show. What a line up of acts, a lineup that so many years later I truly enjoy more.These were the “heavies” of their day at their moment in time. Jan and Dean were the”hosts” as well as guests. Chuck Berry hits the stage playing his guitar “like ringing a bell”, Gerry and The Pacemakers serenade us,LESLIE GORE- truly a gem- a feminist before her time,The BEACH BOYS with their stripped shirt ensemble, Marvin Gaye- a bit nervous but soulful, THE MIRACLES-what moves, THE BARBARIANS- almost bought their album “Are You A Boy Or A Girl?”, JAMES BROWN- move upon move like no other, especially “Please, Please, Please” with the cape, and finally The Rolling Stones-oh my. THE STONES with Brian on teardrop guitar and KEITH killing it on his solos, they THE ROLLING STONES made the whole afternoon for me. Again, I wanted, no I needed more live music.