Bette 75TICKETS TORN IN HALF: June 21,1975 BETTE MIDLER ON BROADWAY@The Minskoff Theatre

I knew this girl (circa 1971) who raved about seeing BETTE MIDLER in the Continental Baths, a gay spa in Manhattan. For the life of me at that time I had no idea who or what she was speaking about, but that gal was always interesting and fun to be around so I listened. Slip in time to a 1973 visit to a local record store on there on the rack of new releases is BETTE MIDLER “The Divine Miss M”. I peruse the songs and lo and behold I find my buddy, BUZZY LINHART and his writing co-partner MOOGY KLINGMAN’S song “Friends” listed, along with a few other known covers.Hmmm…further along in the time machine, stopping in 1975 and we find THE DIVINE MISS M starring on BROADWAY in “Clams On The Half Shell Review” starring Bette Midler, Lionel Hampton, and The Harlettes.

We nab 4 good seats for a Saturday night performance, get all dressed up, and away we go.During the intermission I was in the lobby having a smoke, dressed in my off-white suit with a TODD RUNDGREN t-shirt underneath. An elderly woman comes over and asks for my autograph to which I give her. While she walks away my brother laughs, shaking his head and said ,“Who does she think you are?” to which I replied “How the hell do I know”.

Oh, yeah the show was great and LIONEL HAMPTON is the plus here.