July 3: TEN YEARS AFTER/ MC5/ STALK FOREST GROUP @ STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY yes again, TEN YEARS AFTER this. time there was a method to my madness as I actually longed to see the MC5 again and my partner did not care for their music at all but loved TYA. The Stalk Forest Group, later to become Blue Oyster Cult would open. Ours was the late show “scheduled” for 11 PM and  about 11 o’clock I heard the opening tune for Ten Years After from inside the arena and I knew we were in for a “long” night. At about 1 AM the early show exited. By 2AM the late show crowd entered the gym, our seats were first row. While Stalk Forest was uneventful, The MC5 opened with Ramblin’ Rose and took no prisoners. It was so hot in the gym from the summer air and the MC5 certainly added to the temperature. TYA did their typical TYA set, nothing new, nothing added and I was growing bored of their act. We exited about 6 AM and my ears were ringing. (My MC5 Stony Brook ticket stub is posted on their website, more on that later)