Clapton 74 MSG

TICKETS TORN IN HALF JULY13, 1974: ERIC CLAPTON/ ROSS @ MSG (TODD RUNDGREN on encore) ERIC Clapton in recovery from a 3 year heroin addiction offers a new lp (released that week) and a single I SHOT THE SHERIFF which had some airplay. Most of the audience was again (as with BLIND FAITH) unfamiliar with his “newer” stuff so this could be scary. His new band included bassist Carl Radle from THE DOMINOS, DB& F, Dick Sims -keys and Jamie Oldaker-drums friends of Radle’s from TULSA COUNTRY CONNECTION with George Terry an unknown on guitar, and YVONNE ELLIMAN from the cast of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR added to enrich the vocals. They opened with EASY NOW from Clapton’s solo piece of 1970, followed by LET IT GROW, CAN’T FIND MY WASY HOME, LET IT RAIN, KEY TO THE HIGHWAY, BADGE, LITTLE WING, before hitting a new tune MAINLINE FLORIDA. Then they offered TELL THE TRUTH,BLUES POWER,HAVE YOU EVER LOVED A WOMAN,LITTLE QUEENIE, WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE, GET READY, CROSSROADS, LAYLA, and PRESENCE OF THE LORD. Whew, it was good to have him back.

Note on ERIC CLAPTON: My first recollection of the guitarist ERIC CLAPTON occurred when I was about 14 (circa 1966) after he left THE YARDBIRDS. In one magazine or another I read about this guitarist nicknamed GOD who left the YARDBIRDS to join JOHN MAYALL, a name I never heard. I knew of THE YARDBIRDS from some singles and TV appearances. So I sought out this CLAPTON guy, even bought the BLUESBREAKERS “Beano” album and later found FIVE LIVE YARDBIRDS. The BLUESBREAKERS was not my cup of tea at that moment but the LIVE thing was. Then CREAM arrives with me picking up ANYONE FOR TENNIS (45) but not the first lp. DISRAELI GEARS hits the charts and its on my turntable constantly, followed by WHEELS OF FIRE. This guy is good.