TICKETS TORN IN HALF July 30, 1975: POCO/KINDERHOOK CREEK @ Central Park It rained heavily before the show and if you have ever been in the orchestra pit of WOLLMAN SKATING RINK after a heavy rain you know that your shoes will be in a few inches of water as the drainage was non-existent.To make matters worse we drank too much wine before the show while awaiting to hear if it was postponed which it wasn’t. Me, dancing like FRED ASTAIRE sliding across the edges of a fountain I fell ass first into said fountain. Soaked from head to toe with a severally sore butt. The three compatriots for the evening, my bride Niki,  my brother Kevin Patrick and our friend Kim all roared with laughter. Good thing Kim was carrying my smokes.Yet later Kim somehow lost his sneakers during the show as they floated away so he went home barefooted. This was POCO without RICHIE FURAY, a fun night but musically I missed RICHIE.

Poco: Creek CP 75