TICKETS TORN IN HALF:August 6,1971- TEN YEARS AFTER @GAELIC PARK, Manhattan College, Bronx,NY



The night before was THE DRAFT LOTTERY for those born in 1952 which was me and most of my buddies. This night we were drinking beer and smoking at the local hangout with a news radio broadcast playing in the background.I pulled # 337 (Jan 24) and my buddy who was born January 25 was Number 2. He got drafted, not me. So here I am August 6,1971 knowing I am not being drafted and witnessing TEN YEARS AFTER, exactly two years to the date when I first saw them live, and tonight with Edgar Winter’s White Trash,and Looking Glass @ Gaelic Park in the Bronx. A group of us (6) had tickets and a car pool so I thought a third time (date) has to be a charm, no? Not exactly but less embarrassing than the last two times I’m sure.Looking Glass was of no true interest to me, this was prior to their hit “Brandy”. WHITE TRASH was always a blast and tonight was no exception. TYA actually did some new material. I had lost some interest in the band with the release of WATT, a truly uninspired set of songs. And now they played tunes from their soon to be released “A Space In Time”, their sixth album and first for Columbia.Opening with “One of These Days”, adding “Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock n Roll You”, and of course playing “I Can’t Keep From Crying, Sometimes” a fav of mine, “Hobbit-drum solo”, “No Title”, “Slow Blues In ‘C’” and “I’m Going Home”. Overall, an “eight out of ten” is what I wrote in my notebook later that evening. But more importantly that date led to another, and another.