TICKETS TORN IN HALF:August 6,1979-THE RAMONES / SYLVAIN SYLVAIN and THE CRIMINALS@ Wollman Rink in Central Park. This is our third outing to see the legendary RAMONES. We took our son Michael, all of one years old, in his stroller to this show.Why not? His mother was six months pregnant when I took her to see The Ramones/The Runaways show, and the baby kicked for days after that.Tonight, in his stroller he danced up a storm. The Ramones with new drummer Marc Bell from the band DUST onboard played about 30 songs, I lost count early in the set. This was the intro to ROAD TO RUIN material, all good stuff. And Sylvain (NY DOLLS fame) as an opener was a treat.

Joey Ramone grave