(NYT Aug 10)Once considered the heroes of New York’s underground rock scene, the members of Sonic Youth are fast becoming the antiheroes of the mainstream. After eight years recording for independent labels, the band recently released its major label debut, ”Goo,” on DGC Records, and it is to perform tonight amid the kitschy grandeur of Roseland Ballroom.

Throughout the 1980’s, Sonic Youth was one of the most popular yet staunchly independent bands in the United States. Formed in 1981, the group combined the competitive drone of avant-garde composers like Glenn Branca with the unruly noise of hard-core thrash music and the raw live energy of pre-punk bands like the Stooges. A result, heard on the 1982 EP ”Sonic Youth” and the 1983 album ”Confusion Is Sex,” was minimalist art rock that would occasionally explode into decibel-crunching chaos.

(My recollection)Okay so a few NYC bands opened the show as we waited patiently for SONIC YOUTH to take the stage. I had a few beers at a partially empty back bar where I befriended if only for a few seconds ADAM CLAYTON the bassist for U-2. Finally SONIC YOUTH assaulted our ears with about an hour of their music, ending with a five minute or so Thurston Moore’s guitar feedback while he sat in a chair watching Joe Franklin on televison???? WTF . We heading across the street in a roundabout way to catch two sets from the legendary ALBERT KING.

Aug 10,1990: ALBERT KING @ Roadhouse After the Sonic Youth show across the street we headed over to THE LODESTAR ROADHOUSE where We caught two sets of ALBERT KING and met up with him after the show. He is tall man with mighty powerful hands and is an all around gentleman.