TICKETS TORN IN HALF:August 16,1979-Talking Heads/ B-52’s @Wollman Rink in Central Park

(NYT) The combination of the Talking Heads and the B‐52’s seemed one of the strongest bills at the 1979 Dr Pepper Festival, but it took three tries for the concert to take place. The first two efforts were rained out, and it was only Thursday that the pairing finally got to make music in Central Park.

(me)WHAT A BLAST…this was so much fun when it finally took place. The B-52’s were brand new, having a bit of air play with “Rock Lobster” on Meg Griffin’s PIX PENTHOUSE PARTY radio shows. Fun to see, better to hear live. Then the T Heads took the stage and were fantastic, as usual. CITIES was  my song of the night.

THeads CP 79