TICKETS TORN IN HALF:August 19,1989-LIVING COLOUR/ Stevie Ray Vaughn/ KRS-ONE plus others@Beacon I found this article in a blog for WORST CONCERTS EVER so here goes (but according to me Living Colour was great)

August 1989 – Living Colour – Benefit Concert For The Homeless at The Beacon Theater In New York City. I had recently turned 20 and Living Colour was riding high on the success of “Cult Of Personality”. LC were actually good and the surprise guest was a solo Stevie Ray Vaughn who came out wearing a serape and his trademark “Lenny” guitar and played about 3 or 4 numbers. I remember there being a lone red spotlight on him for most of the time so it was hard to see his face under his hat. What made this one bad, then? Being a “benefit” apparently meant that LC could invite any number of their friends to get up and talk about whatever they felt like or to perform. I recall it taking about three hours for LC to even take the stage. Prior to SVR’s performance we were treated to the likes of a homeless female rap duo calling themselves “Double Destiny” and KRS One rapping about the fact that “Jesus was actually a black man”. My friend was so pissed off at KRS One that he went into the lobby until his set was over. Vernon Reed came out earlier in the proceedings and started talking about racial tension in the city and white people crossing to the other side of the street when they saw him coming. I recall him making a comment such as “you don’t have to like me, but you have to respect me”. Someone finally had it and told him to “shut up and just play” or something along those lines (the audience was overwhelmingly young white males). I recall he shot a “death stare” in the general direction of the comment and held it for what seemed like forever in awkward silence. The eventual show was good, but man what a marathon of endurance just to get to that point.