My END OF THE SUMMER celebration show was to finish the season where it started with Led Zeppelin. One full year to the day since I saw The Rascals, in a stadium only a football’s throw away from where I was now I was ready for LED ZEPPELIN, BUDDY GUY &JR. WELLS and RAVEN August 30, 1969. Originally to be at The Singer Bowl this show was rescheduled for the opened air, standing room only, the former site of New York State Pavilion at The World’s Fair. This show would prove to be a totally different experience for me. Standing Room Only, first come first in, no reserved seating and I was very reluctant. Yet, we got there early enough to be one of the first in line, standing outside prior to opening the doors, hoping to find a viewing spot in front, maybe at mid stage. Originally, there were about 60 or so of us standing there. A girl about my age showed up and engaged many of the 60 in a conversation. She was obviously very high. What bothered me the most, was not her slurred speech or her falling down. No, it was the bugs that swarmed in her long, dirty, hair. Those bugs freaked me out and my girlfriend was crazed beyond belief anytime this girl got close to her. But the druggie’s plan worked for when the doors opened, “BUGGY” was the first thru the door and made her way to the stage, cutting every one standing in the line. We got a spot stage right, in front of where I knew Jimmy Page would stand. RAVEN was as most opening acts would be, an opening act and forgetable when they finished but Buddy Guy/ Jr. Wells was a great addition to the bill. Buddy played angelically, and nasty as sin when need be. At one point a balloon from the audience was bounced to him mid song to which he captured and used as a slide on his guitar. To my amazement the balloon did NOT break. This spot where we were standing became dangerous as LED ZEPPELIN time grew nearer, and more so as the show progressed. About the time they performed MOBY DICK, I had had enough and was up stairs walking around the balcony area having given up our prime location. And yes, this IS the show where Bonzo collapsed on the drums to end the night. And the “Bug girl” was seen on stage with the band..NOTE: My ticket stub is featured on the LED ZEPPELIN website.

Summer vacation was not truly a vacation but rather an opportunity to convert some time off from learning into some cash. It is when a teenage boy’s part time gig turned full time even if for only ten weeks and some weeks with an additional overtime check during a weekend inventory. More cassettes were at the ready for my taking. Summer of 69 was historic, complete with a lunar landing, three days of mud and music, the NewYork Mets “believing” and everything I knew including me seemed to be changing, rapidly.