TICKETS TORN IN HALF AUGUST 24,1977: DICTATORS/AC-DC/MICHAEL STANLEY @PALLADIUM  (with AC-DC@CBGB’s later).This is the second time we had freebies from MARK THE ANIMAL MENDOZA aka Mark Glickman. Not really sure of the first night (date)that he invited us to CBGB but it was crowded and my name …well was “BOOGIE plus 3” on the guest list which led to much confusion and is another story unto itself. So tonight I have an “all access” pass with a second row center seat next to a guitar buddy who introduces me to his woman as BOOGIE, and she said “Really? C’mon, What’s your real name?”, “ Mike”, I said” and Jimmy(my buddy) said, “Really?”

But back stage  earlier in the evening I met ANGUS YOUNG, a guitarist for AC-DC, an Australian band making their NYC debut tonight. We had a great talk about American RnR. He was a delight. Later, in their set, AC-DC, more specifically Angus Young gave a great performance, climbing up the speaker stanchions and running amok on stage with a Chuck Berry duck walk kinda thing all while playing his guitar. After their set I told him how amazing that was. Beaming, he invited me to CBGB’s later and Angus had their road manager put me on the guest list for their set later in the evening/ early morn.

The MICHAEL STANLEY BAND left me cold but THE DICTATORS were the toast of the town and played a greats set of RnR. HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA was in his element, ROSS THE BOSS, TOP TEN, MARK the ANIMAL, ANDY SHERNOFF and RICH TEETER all were larger than life on the stage.Whew, I was exhausted after the show but managed to drag my butt to Bowery for AC-DC in CBGB’s

August 24/25,1977: It was late night NYC style as I saw AC-DC courtesy of ANGUS YOUNG a second time, this time on a smaller stage@ CBGB’s. It was hot outside AND inside even hotter and deafening. But its RnR and I love it.