TICKETS TORN IN HALF: Two Nights of TODD-Two Years Apart.(1973/1975)

August 25,1973:TODD RUNDGREN-SONS OF 1984@ Wollman Rink in Central Park: We had our blood test for our marriage license in the morning then got on the train with my brother and his date for a free afternoon show (for a limited audience) to assist as a chorus in the recording of a new TODD tune entitled “ SONS OF 1984”  which would be on TODD’S next album. Upon arrival to Wollman Rink, an outdoor venue, we received the lyric sheet, and after an explanation rom the choral master (TODD) we rehearsed our part a few times and  then Todd recorded a few takes.He explained how we”the last coast” would be coming out of one speaker and a soon to be recorded part from the west coast would be designated to the other speaker. After playback and upon approval from TODD well… Then TODD and the band gave us a show, some of the hits and the heavies.I took some amazing photos, actually  used by CREEM magazine despite Lisa Robinson and a few other gems trying to block my angles. BeBe posed gracefully and was as gorgeous as can bebe.

TICKETS TORN IN HALF August 25,1975: TODD RUNDGREN/ UTOPIA@ Wollman Rink in Central Park “ANOTHER LIVE” was  recorded. This is two years to the date, in the same spot, since we recorded SONS OF 1984 with Todd.So here we are again, on another TODD (live) album. Again,the musicians who make up UTOPIA are his band.These guys are a bit different from previous incarnations of TODD line ups. Since 1968 I have seen Todd with Nazz, The Hello People, Runt, with Tony and Hunt Sales and others, sometimes aided by Hall and Oates, et al.But tonight was quite different, musicianship at the forefront. However, I got quite lost in some of the songs, particularly THE WHEEL which went on forever and made no point to me.TODD introduced “Do Ya” as “the MOVE covered “Open My Eyes” so we are returning the favor”.

(Wiki)•Todd Rundgrenguitar, vocals, production

Mark “Moogy” Klingman – keyboards, vocals, harmonica, glockenspiel, Korg synthesizer

Ralph Schuckett – keyboards, vocals, organ, clavinet, accordion

•John Siegler – bass guitar, vocals

Roger PowellMoog synthesizer, trumpet, vocals

John “Willie” Wilcoxdrums

•David lasley (background vocals)

•Arnold McCuller (background vocals)

•Phillip Ballou (background vocals)

From: On A Curve):Todd Rundgren’s Utopia (later shortened to just Utopia) surprised me in several regards. First, I thought Todd was the synthesizer freak in the band. Wrong. Mark “Moogy” Klingman and Roger Powell played the Korg synthesizer and the Moog synthesizer, respectively, along with tons of other instruments. Rundgren played guitar and sang, while Ralph Schuckett played all manner of keyboards in addition to bass. John Siegler played bass and cello, and John “Willie” Wilcox played drums. Second, I was glad to discover (how could I have forgotten?) that Utopia covers The Move’s great rocker “Do Ya,” written by later ELO stalwart Jeff Lynne.