TICKETS TORN IN HALF:September 1, 1973 POCO/David Blue@ Wollman Rink in Central Park.(Tix stub on POCO website) This was 3 weeks and one day before I get married also, not of the same importance to my wife but it was Richie Furay’s last hurrah with the band he founded after BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD. He leaves POCO a few days after this gig to join SOUTHER HILLMAN FURAY.Legend has it that unbeknownst to the band he had already signed up with David Geffen to form the next “supergroup”. (It was a bust). So here we are on a Saturday afternoon/early evening, our President at the time was Richard Nixon, the #1 single in the land was “Brother Louie” by STORIES, and the floor to WOLLMAN had about 3 inches of rain still standing from the previous night but who cares as we are being entertained  first by David Blue the singer/songwriter as they were being called now who wrote OUTLAW MAN for The Eagles and then POCO a truly fav of mine. I got to meet the boys while I worked the crew for a show at SUNY Farmingdale, really fun guys. Tim was a delight and George the drummer married a college buddy’s sister the previous year. Tonight, the boys rocked NYC, for one final time before RICHIE’s departure.