TICKETS TORN IN HALF:September 2,1987-DAVID BOWIE@Madison Square Garden w/Peter Frampton GLASS SPIDER TOUR was a two night engagement.

taken from PASTE Magazine

David Bowie‘s 1987 “Glass Spider” tour has long had a love/hate relationship with both his fans and music critics; there seemed to be no middle ground – either you loved the show, or you hated it. It was an important tour for a number of reasons, but stands apart from all other Bowie treks because it featured his old friend, Peter Frampton, on guitar. Frampton, who had fallen from selling out stadiums after Frampton Comes Alive in 1977 to playing clubs just prior to this tour, was tired of being the star and having to carry an entire show. He wanted to return to his first love, which was guitar playing. Bowie gave him the chance, asking him to simply be the lead guitarist of his backing band.

The show was almost universally panned by critics for being overblown and silly. The set design included a massive “glass spider” which descended from above the stage to “eat” the band during the show. Most of the show is hampered by a troupe of dancers who come on and off throughout the performance. Still, Bowie’s stage presence is magnificent, and the music, though very odd for a large stadium show, is played with great musicianship nonetheless.

(My review) It was weird.