ROCK’S IN MY HEAD:CHAPTER 32-Senior Year (Part 2)

The KinKs was one of my favorite bands from the early British Invasion days. They had not played live in the USA in quite some time so this show scheduled for October 18,1969 at FILLMORE EAST was a “must see” for me. From the very first time I heard YOU REALLY GOT ME on my small transistor radio I knew these guys were different. We even played that tune with THE TRIANGLE my doomed band of yesteryear. So when the opportunity to see The KinKs live became a reality I jumped at the chance. But this night was not my usual fare of two or a large group as my girlfriend requested another couple attend with us, so two tickets became four, balcony seats left side of stage, not too shabby a view.

The Bonzo Dog Band opened the show. While the crowd waited for their “hit” URBAN SPACEMAN, we were treated to some of the best comedy, music, and visuals I had ever seen (in my limited experience). Just sheer joy, I laughed hysterically throughout their entire set. The singer pretending he was urinating on the light show, the silly hats they wore, the large eyeglasses, and hundreds of props. They were GREAT. Needless to say I purchased two Bonzo albums the next week.Then the amazing KinKs were introduced. Even though it was a short set and one without their pianist who as Ray Davies said, “cracked his skull” so Ray played piano for a few tunes. Overall, it was a fabulous set. Upon leaving the show I remember thinking, ahhh The KinKs and The Who, two of my favorite bands, all I need is The Stones and The Beatles. BTW SPIRIT, the headliners, hit the stage after The Kinks and were decent but Randy California is NOT Raymond Douglas Davies by any stretch of the imagination. So tonight it was The KinKs.

It was about this time when my homeroom teacher questioned me about some teachers(guidance) opening my locker before school that morning. Puzzled I said I did not know. As I retrieved my books for morning classes a Guidance Counselor, not mine, arrived and asked me to come with her. In her office she asked me if I was selling “pot”(her word). I was taken aback. She followed up with a question regarding me smoking “pot”. At first I did not answer and requested she call my father to come to school. She appeared confused by my request, hesitated for a second and said that calling my father would not be necessary as she was trying “to help” me. Knowing there was nothing in my locker or on my person I said “NO, I was not selling pot” to her first question. She asked why kids would meet me at my locker some mornings, to which I said “cassettes”. She was bewildered it seemed, so I took her to my locker and showed her a stack of about 10 cassettes I had placed there that morning. She had no idea what cassettes were so I explained their function. She led me to class. I never heard another word about the incident until a follow-up question, by a different teacher, a few months later.