TICKETS TORN IN HALF: September 24,1971:The Beach Boys@Carnegie Hall (late show)SURF’S UP Tour-

My first “BEACH BOY” experience was a Midnight show at CARNEGIE HALL, fourth row to the left. We arrived early only to find the first show was still in progress, a good omen I hoped. Finally inside I retreated to The Carnegie Hall bar for an eye opener as it was now close to 1AM and then moved on to our seats. After all is said and done you know you attended a great show when the band opens with GOOD VIBRATIONS and closes with an amazing “new” tune, SURF’S UP, followed by HEROES AND VILLAINS before being called back to play DO IT AGAIN (which to me has the greatest back beat). Then, the band returns once again to thunderous applause to do LITTLE DEUCE COUPE, SURFER GIRL, HELP ME RHONDA, and JOHNNY B. GOODE. The only bummer of the night was Mike Love’s ode to Transcendental Meditation. The massive CARNEGIE HALL stage was filled with musicians, about 16, and hidden in the group on keyboards was one Daryl Dragon aka the Captain later of Tennille fame. And THE BEACH BOYS did not have on matching suits, no stripped shirts, as a matter of fact they looked kind of like the audience, long haired and bearded.