TICKETS TORN IN HALF:October 19,1995-RAY DAVIES “STORYTELLER”@ The ACADEMY on 43RD ST and two years later:

(taken from a review)There was much to enthuse over. Davies ran through most of the Kinks’ hits in unplugged mode; himself on acoustic guitar with one guitarist accompanying him. This nudged the audience into realizing what fine, durable songs they are: 30 years on, not one sounds dated or immature. We have long known that Waterloo Sunset, Days and Lola are classics; this treatment conferred equal status on minor hits such as Autumn Almanac and Dead End Street.

Between classics , Davies read excerpts from his autobiographical X-Ray and told anecdotes: upstaging the Beatles on a package tour, growing up in Muswell Hill with younger brother Dave and older sisters. Mum frowned on the girls playing Billy Eckstine’s That Old Black Magic: the words were too sexy. Davies then sang it, a cappella, with a cheeky smile. “Mum was right,” he said finally: If you could bottle his charm you’d be rich

TICKETS TORN IN HALF:October 20,1997-RAY DAVIES “Storyteller”@WESTBURY MUSIC FAIR. Almost exactly tow years to the date that I saw the first incarnation of the STORYTELLER SAGA. With a few changes and modifications, the story remains the same but some of the music selections have changed.It was all good