TICKETS TORN IN HALF:October 31,1970- LEE MICHAELS/CACTUS/Juicy Lucy@FILLMORE EAST The phone rings during the week and surprisingly my supposedly ex-girlfriend was asking if “we”were still on for the Saturday night Halloween show at Fillmore East. She added we might need to “talk” to clear the air. Having already decided that the ticket(s) was hers I told her I was not going to go. The next day she showed up at one of my classes and asked me to reconsider, to go, please.So now It’s Halloween 1970 and LEE MICHAELS, CACTUS, JUICY LUCY is the bill at Fillmore East. We took the train, rather than me driving as I knew I would have a better time by not driving. I grabbed two train passes so that was no transportation expense for me. I also decided not to be anyone’s fool so no wine did I purchase, just my smokes. The ride in was reasonably fun and I suspected a good time could be in the making.However, Juicy Lucy was forgetable. Having snuck in my portable tape recorder I captured a great Cactus performance the highlight of which was Rusty Day’s Halloween Boogie rant. Lee Michaels was just okay to me but my concert compatriots adored him. Me thinks it was his looks for the ladies and the musical inexperience on the part of others.The show was lackluster and so was the relationship.