First, there was a residency at the Garrick Theatre in 1967. I was a youngster but do remember the poster of their shows gracing many walls and telephone poles throughout lower Manhattan.(see attached). Then there were the “Mother’s Day” shows at Fillmore East, and finally the HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA’s. What a glorious time it was. Here’s what I wrote in my “music journal”, by date, not years, so pay attention.

TICKETS TORN IN HALF: FRANK ZAPPA-OCTOBER 28,1978 at THE PALLADIUM  in New York. This is my fifth Zappa show and second for HALLOWEEN @The Palladium. It’s a tradition for ZAPPA, one which I needed to see again and my wife arranges a babysitter so she can come. It’s another fantastic ZAPPA extravaganza, long and of course with the mandatory audience participation. The HALLOWEEN dvd was recorded the night we were there. The only problem with sitting in the orchestra is that the tall ass mother…who sat in front of me had on a huge, round bunny head with large floppy ears costume, making my vision to the stage blocked quite a bit.


Instruments Check

The Deathless Horsie

Intro / Band Introduction

Dancin’ Fool

Easy Meat

Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?

Keep It Greasey

The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing

City Of Tiny Lights

A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)


NYC Audience

Bamboozled By Love

Sy Borg

Mo’s Vacation

Bobby Brown Goes Down

Prelude To “Packard Goose”

Packard Goose

Encore Intro

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow

Nanook Rubs It

St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast

Father O’ Blivion

TICKETS TORN IN HALF:FRANK ZAPPA- October 29,1977:My fourth Zappa show and first HALLOWEEN experience@ The Palladium.This was an amazing spectacular performance. The band was tight, the audience loose and me mellow as can be. What a great night it was. We need to do this again,soon. Prior to the show while waiting on line to get in, I’m having a smoke and four drunken teens walk by. One said loudly “ Hey man, ain’t you the new teacher?” I looked him directly in the eye and said What?”, to which he restated the question. I said, “I’m not a teacher, man”. They left. The next Monday in school I saw the kid sitting on the radiator outside my class. I walked over and asked, “How was Zappa?”. He jumped up and said, “I knew it was you.”



1.  10-29-77 Show 1 Start/Introductions  4:06

2.  Peaches En Regalia  2:42

3.  The Torture Never Stops  12:59

4.  Tryin’ To Grow A Chin  3:34

5.  City Of Tiny Lites  7:15

6.  Pound For A Brown  8:26

7.  Bobby Brown Goes Down  6:06

8.  Conehead (Instrumental)  5:50

9.  Flakes  3:53

10. Big Leg Emma  1:52

11. Envelopes  2:42

12. Terry’s Solo #3  3:51

13. Disco Boy  3:57

14. Lather  3:40

15. Wild Love  22:51

16. Titties N Beer  6:01

17. Audience Participation #3  2:42

18. The Black Page #2  3:05

19. Jones Crusher  2:53

20. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes  3:50

21. Punky’s Whips  9:18

22. Encore Audience #3  1:46

23. Dinah-Moe Humm  5:12

24. Camarillo Brillo  3:29

25. Muffin Man  5:09

TICKETS TORN IN HALF:October 31, 1980_FRANK ZAPPA@The Palladium This is my sixth Zappa show and third Halloween Palladium event. I did not write much in my journal after this but did note” CHUNGA’s REVENGE but no PEACHES. Another great ZAPPA show”.

(background)It must have been that GARRICK THEATRE poster that I saw while walking around Greenwich Village especially the one which lasted for years outside the movie theatre on 8th Street that piqued my interest in this strange looking ensemble known as THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION. Strange name also. Who or what are they?

It’s Spring of 1967, me a fifteen year old who most every Saturday when the weather was good was checking out the street art shows in and around THE VILLAGE with my art teacher, a Franciscan Nun. She was hip to what was happening, and years later left the order for a commune or something. Anyway back to the poster. We get off the subway and there it is. A few steps later there is another and another, and another. So on down the street. THE MOTHERS (written in bold) of Invention (not so bold) at THE GARRICK THEATRE Tuesday thru Sunday ,each poster with a photo of a man with a pronounced almost comical mustache and the heads of some other guys under his photo.

A few months later Back at school (September) a guy in one of my art classes brings in two albums: THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION- Freak Out and ABSOLUTELY FREE. Hey, that’s the poster, I thought. Who are these guys? I must admit my naive ears where not accepting what I was hearing. This isn’t rock music. WTF. I gave up early.

1969: I got an 8 track copy of CRUSIN’ WITH RUBIN AND THE JETS (released 1968) which never left my player for the longest time. It was a blast. This lead me to buy the album WE’RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY (released before R&TJ). October finds the HOT RATS album in the racks of the local record store and I’m sold on FRANK ZAPPA.A few months later CHUNGA’S REVENGE (1970) is joining my ever growing collection of vinyl. I need to see this band and soon.Until then add as many MOTHERS records to the pile.

I had every intention of seeing THE MOTHERS at their FILLMORE EAST performance November 13, 1970 but as I had tickets for TYA at MSG I missed it. It’s a long story.Geez, it would have been nice in more ways than one to see ZAPPA that night.

Now, I have two tickets for the late show June 1971.It’s never been the same as that night along with other nights changed my perception of live music. Even thought I left early AND missed John and Yoko with the MOTHERS, it WAS never the same. They were funny and musically sound. WOW