Mine for 2018-

#1: JOHN COLTRANE- “Both Directions At Once” -The missing link the critics say. The best release, should be all of my TOP TEN as nothing comes close, nothing will, its COLTRANE guys.

#2: ROSANNE CASH- “She Remembers Everything”- Five years is along time to wait but here it is, a sentimental favorite for me as my brother loved him some Rosanne Cash.“From this point on there’s nothing certain/except there’s not many miles to go,”…

#3: RICHARD THOMPSON- “13 Rivers”-According to Stephen M. Deusner in PITCHFORK.com “After fifty years and nearly twenty solo albums, the low-key guitar god finds new ways to renew old sentiments as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist on what may be his best album this century.” Who am I to disagree?

#4:DAVID BYRNE-“American Utopia” David Byrne drives me crazy, and me thinks he does it on purpose. Each outing is different from the previous one but is actually the same, sorta. I loved T Heads, still do.My brother and I had most everything they did, demos, bootlegs, singles, rarities, etc and  I also have (vinyl) ENO and his runs with 801, et.al. So this recording is  a bit of all those and others.It’s has day to day lifetime themes,but not necessarily our life scenes.”Everybody’s Coming to My House”,”Every Day Is A Miracle” and then finally, “Here” “Here too many sounds for your brain to comprehend / Here the sound gets organized into things that make some sense / Here is something we call elucidation / Is it the truth? Or merely a description?” Whew…

#5:FRANK TURNER-“Be More Kind”- Just the one tune “Let’s Make America Great Again” should piss off a few of THE NUT PATROL but I don’t care. Here is an Englishman who knows how fucked up we, THE USA,  have been since November 8,2016.

From nme.com: Frank Turner spends his seventh album considering the dire state of the world from multiple angles and, unlike the tidal wave of terrified tin-pot politics plonked incongruously in the middle of every alt-rock album for the past eighteen months, he even proffers some tentative answers.‘Be More Kind’ opens with ‘Don’t Worry’, a reassuring gospel-folk plea for sanity, calm and human connection – rather than social-media isolation – in a world gone wild. “I don’t know what I’m doing, no-one has a clue,” Frank tells Britain’s bewildered generation, “but you’ll figure it out, I might too”. From there he spends the opening half of the record tackling Brexit and Trump with a passion and vitriol that he’s recently only been directing at himself – with inspiring results. ‘1933’ astutely likens the West’s poverty-inspired rightwards swing to Hitler’s ascent to power by blaming immigrants for the desperate state of early-‘30s Germany; amid some of Turner’s fieriest rabble-rock bluster, he reflects the confusion and ignorance of the age. “I don’t know what’s going on anymore!” he yells, though he clearly does: “Don’t go mistaking your house burning down for the dawn,” Turner warns, “be suspicious of simple answers, that shit’s for fascists and maybe teenagers”. A few tracks later he addresses Trump’s ascendance and the moral decline of America on ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’. Frank’s solution: “Making racists ashamed again/Let’s make compassion in fashion again”.

#6-#10 in No Particular Order

MITSKI -“Be A Cowboy”

JAYHAWKS-‘Back Roads and Random Motels

BOZ SCAGGS-“Out of the Blues”

COURTNEY BARNETT- “Tell Me How You Really Feel”

LUCERO- “Among The Ghosts”

Re-issues(all vinyl)

THE BEATLES- The Beatles


BOB DYLAN- More Blood On The Tracks

THE KINKS- Village Green Preservation Society

and new but old…