Alvin from a different time

Just when I thought my TenYearsAfter obsession was over for good ALVIN LEE and Co, a new band, decide to tour.(Recently this show was released by his estate as a cd). The band was MEL COLLINS ( my buddy from the King Crimson interview fiasco) on sax/flute,Ian Wallace (Crimson)drums, STONE THE CROWS bassist Stevie Thompson and Ronnie Leahy (keys), two singers, a conga player, and ALVIN (aka Graham Barnes) all with a R&B groove. No TYA tunes no matter how many times some idiot yelled out “GOING HOME”.

  1. Got to Keep Moving
  2. Let’s Get Back
  3. Somebody’s Callin’ Me
  4. All Life’s Trials
  5. Baby Please Don’t Go
  6. Time and Space
  7. There’s a Feeling
  8. Every Blues You’ve Ever Heard
  9. Percy’s Roots
  10. Money Honey
  11. Going Through the Door
  12. I’m Writing You a Letter
  13. Ride My Train

As far as GENTLE GIANT goes, true GG fans are amazed that I saw them live and often ask, “How were they?” to which I reply, “Not good”. I have zero notes about their performance written in my notes.