Jan 30, 1996: JOHN ENTWISTLE @ Tramps w/ Godfrey Townshend ( no relation to Pete) on guitar. This was a fantastic night celebrating my 44th birthday with friends listening to THE OX rock this small but great venue.

I became an Entwistle fan the moment I heard “Boris The Spider”.It was early 1968,I’m at a house party for a friend’s 16th birthday party to which I  gifted him BLUE CHEER’S “Vincebus Eruptum”. It seems like I purchased the wrong gifts for the wrong people at the wrong times. That gift has nothing to do with this story. While the BLUE CHEER record was not a hit, I did throw on the album “A Quick One” by THE WHO. At that house party we must’ve played “Boris the Spider” 20 times. Every guy there loved it, the girls not so much.

“Boris the Spider” is a song written by John Entwistle the bass player of The WHO. If memory serves me well I picked up that album “A Quick One” during the previous summer after hearing from a friend how powerful the band was at MURRAY The K’s “Music in the Fifth Dimension” shows in NY. These shows were the debut of THE WHO and CREAM and having loved i the album so much it made its way with me to many house parties. In my collection I also had “My Generation” (the album) and a few WHO singles that I was fortunate enough to find in a pretty cool, small, local record store. And  after “The Who Sell Out” arrives I was totally sold on the band. Before the year is out (1969) I was fortunate enough to have seen the band three times, they mesmerized me live and on record, Keith Moon on drums and John Entwistle on bass, Pete Townsend on guitar, and the swirling, whirling microphone of Roger Daltry on vocals.

This time out I was seeing John Entwistle (solo band) at Tramps. Tonight was the opportunity to see the bass man live, loud, and up close.

Heaven And Hell

Had Enough

Success Story

Trick Of The Light

Bridges Under The Water

The Real Me

My Size

Boris The Spider

Love Doesn’t Last

My Wife

Last Song

Shakin’ All Over

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