ON THE TURNTABLE: PooP Lists-Pompous and Opinionated Reviews(2002-2009)

It’s that time of the season when BEST OF lists are published. For many years (32nd) I have been associated with a group of record buyers,that is guys and girls who are as pompous and opinionated as I am. As a matter of fact, some (most) are more pompous and opinionated than I. Two guys (Mark 1 and Mark 2) have taken what was started many years ago as a hand written exercise (sometimes with personal art work) then Xeroxed (for you younguns, that’s like a scan) for the PooPster members. Then, they took to the next level by publishing a bound print copy of teach members contribution as well as a composite BEST OF, developed using their unique scoring method. Today, as much of the media is doing,they dropped the pen/pencil/print (PPP) way of writing and moved into the 21th Century. We submit our choices AND each are published on the “Web”. Finally, a total is taken and the “results are in” messages are received. Fun times begin. If you are interested in seeing the results/members/alumnus/ramblings/pontifications/etc/et.al…check it out at PooPlist.net.You will be entertained.

So, with that, the other day I decided to research some of the records I had chosen in the past as a “BEST OF”, as well as looking at why the (PooP) reason for doing so. Here are some…

A double CD set for the price of one is always intriguing. When it is offered by PAUL WESTERBERG, all the better. STEREO was a welcomed addition to the rack. I for one always longed for the return of the Mats but with Tommy in GnR, oh well, at least Paul has his integrity.

One of the cats who took me to see the aforementioned DYLAN show also gave me a copy of STEVE EARLE – JERUSALEM, and as he did he said to me what I consider the best review one could make of this recording, “This makes’The Rising’ sound like bubblegum music”… So be it.

DAVID JOHANSEN, again has reinvented himself. This time he is, David Johansen??or is he…Who knows? Who cares?? SHAKER is pretty good.

The Best Album Cover. ..

Too bad I could not find this sucka in vinyl, with a nice big cover. OR a poster. The CD jewel box printing doesn’t do it for me, but Liz Phair knows how to get my attention. I didn’t buy it, and would not know one note on it ,but the visual is pleasing to my one good eye. I guess the marketing didn’t work because it was not a Top Ten.
The BEST NAME of a band is FREDDY AND THE FOUR GONE CONCLUSIONS. Say it out loud and you will think, WOW, why didn’t I name my band that. Speaking of names…
New Pornographers Electric Version One name, Neko Case, says it all. Her voice does it for me and why not. I think the band’s name is pretty cool too,

Take a recording from the Fab Four, hand it over to a Los Angeles wacko, and watch him ruin it and hope he doesn’t shoot ya ass. Never. I thought it, the lp, was pretty bad back in the day. Not one of my favorite albums or movies or anything ,when I wore a younger man’s clothes, but this cleaning up of the Beatles Let It Be; Naked does it for me now. The drums can actually be heard. I never thought I would say this but way to go Paul ,you billionaire you. Like you needed more money.

FRANZ FERDINAND – Franz Ferdinand
What a great band. Probably will last another year or so, which is a life time on an ipod. Dance with me Michael. I bought this the same time as Modest Mouse, and they were deleted almost immediately.

Also affectionately known as COLD NOSES to a few of the uninitiated. Some say rather than doing 5 sides, one great one would do. Did anyone ever tell Jackson Pollock to stop throwing paint? No. I couldn’t really decide which was my fav song on it because each was so diverse. PS: get “29” asap.

If ya’ have seventeen hours put this baby on. A bit Loooooong winded at time, takes too long to start a tune, long jams, etc , etc, it is still Wilco and any Wilco is good Wilco by me. Another live recording picked by me. Maybe that is where the true musician lives. Any one can make mistakes in the studio, do another take, fade it out, re-dubb, ..live, ya’ git’ only one shot at it. Look what one mistake did to that wonderful superstar ASHLEY SIMPSON.

What a great title. This youngster is being touted as the new Woody.
Every bone in my body said to not like this, but I can’t stop playing it, shows up on the random shuffle as I write this. Oh No.

I am quite familiar with Alison and her work with Union Station but who is this guy Bob Plant. Gone, Gone, Gone is cool and so is Allison. This guy Bobby Plant may do some more work with her but I heard a prior commitment may halt it for now.
WILCO – Sky Blue Sky
Hey, did ya hear Dickey Betts joined KID ROCK’s band??!!! Not that that item has anything to do with this collection. Just wondering why he did it. Maybe sometimes you can’t musically survive on your own. Or the whole is more important than the parts??? Wilco, Son Volt, yea, okay.

I listen and I laugh. Thank goodness for Randy. All musicians should seek his level of cynicism. Now, let’s go have a drink…

The title says it all.

Rosanne Cash THE LIST
Geez, I remember getting lists from my parents too, but my album would be filled with songs like MOW THE LAWN YOU LAZY SOB, or the famous MAKE SURE THERE IS GAS WHEN YOU BRING HER BACK. Thanks to The Man In Black’s for truly educating his daughter. Now, we have this wonderful collection of truly amazing interpretations of classics.

Okay kids, I leave you there, back in 2009…enjoy.