TICKETS TORN IN HALF: Led Zeppelin- Feb. 12,1975@ Madison Square Garden

This is my seventh time seeing Led Zeppelin. I first saw them on their second tour /first heading tour of the US in May of 1969@ Fillmore East. Truly an eye opening experience for its time. So five years and a few months later I am now sitting in THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS ARENA experiencing what is considered by some as the BIGGEST BAND IN THE WORLD. Their sixth album “Physical Graffiti” a double record set will be released  in a few days and having not toured since July of 1973 anticipation for tickets to any live shows would be great. 

When announced in late December that tickets for LED ZEPPELIN’s three(3) nights at Madison Square Garden, along with two shows at Nassau Coliseum would go on sale Monday, January 6, lines started to form as early as the Saturday morning before. Three shows  at 20,000 seats were set for the Garden, with 45,000 tickets to be sold at the box office. The remaining 15,000 would be sold at TICKETTRON outlets throughout the area on Monday also. Throughout Saturday lines grew at the box offices, at both The Garden and Coliseum.At The Garden, the overwhelming crowds became restless especially when a few knuckleheads decided to “skip the line” protocol. The Garden staff became alarmed and started selling tickets at 1 AM Sunday night and quickly “SOLD OUT” which led to other problems. The same scenario occurred at Nassau Coliseum where those in line received a number ,Numbers 1 through 2000 were issued .Orderly at first until at number 900, all tickets were sold.The lucky 900 bought all the tickets in a matter of minutes leaving 1100 people in a angry state. Finally, those remaining tickets which would go on sale at TICKETTRON had huge lines, massive fights, and again sold out in minutes. Ironic how this ticket selling fiasco lead to the Garden box office later relying on mail orders and TICKETTRON outlets for future  first day of sales for high demand events. Also, a limit of four tickets per person was implemented. Mine ( two tickets@$7.50 in the 300 section) arrived a few days later via SASE.

February12,1975: LED ZEPPELIN opened with ROCK AND ROLL,  followed by (partial set list)No QUARTER, SONG REMAINS THE SAME,DAZED AND CONFUSED, STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN,MOBY DICK(20 minutes), WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, BLACK DOG,and the encore of HEARTBREAKER. There is a great bootleg of this show, one which in my opinion is much better than TSRTS.

One reviewer claimed that Bonham’s 20 minutes displayed some of the best drumming in the world, something that Billy Cobham should take notice of. What? To me, the solo which was about 18 minutes too long was the perfect time to stretch my legs, and I’m a drummer. 

(1/8/75 NYT) More than 1,000 persons crowded Macy’s department store in Roosevelt Field, L. I., and shoving matches, erupted when 25 Nassau County policemen attempted to reorganize the waiting line. Six persons were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct or harassment.