“May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong. May you stay forever young.”- Bob Dylan, ‘Forever Young’

   Today, January 24, 2022 I feel I am still that 16 years old snot nosed kid but now I come with 54 years of additional experiences.When my Mom was still with us I would send her flowers every year on my birth date. Some years the package was delivered to her at work, which was tough for her to explain to co-workers, flowers with the word “Thanks” nothing else written on the card.Then, there was Dad whom I learned a lot from. Pop who would say, when we needed to have “that” long discussion for any indiscretions I might have provoked, “excuses and promises don’t make it for me, Michael” so I got used to working hard to deliver on things I promised. Since that time my hair has changed color, my face has added a few wrinkles, and my bones ache most mornings when I arise but hell, I’m ready for anything the day throws at me. Well, not sky diving as I am still afraid of heights and while I’m at it I’m not particularly fond of the deep water either. I never back down, never give up and am stubborn as a mule. I am loyal to a fault. If you need someone to hold your drink while you want to do something stupid, I’m your guy. And, YES, I am a snob when it comes to “your taste” in music. I still play “A Love Supreme” as often as possible, shook Albert King’s huge hand, had Duane Allman bum a Marlboro Red off of me March of 71, and sang on Todd Rundgren’s “Sons Of 1984”. I’ve had three careers(38 years) all in one school district (custodian, teacher/coach, administrator), am happily married (49 years this anniversary) to a girl I met in first grade, we have two wonderful boys (men), and are proud grandparents. I have a fabulous extended family and miss my brother every day. So, THANK YOU for all the kind words and warm wishes for my 70th completed trip around the sun. And to the cast of knuckleheads, vagabonds, cronies, and sidekicks who joined me on some of my past escapades, We did have fun, didn’t we? With more to come, hopefully. 

  Most importantly, today, my birth date, THANK YOU, Mom and Dad. Look down and smile, I’m still your knucklehead.