Today: Animal Collective

   It’s a cold Saturday morning, in fact its a freezing cold morn in New York, but I am armed with my second cup of coffee as I finish my routine of online newspaper readings. In one paper I found a review about the newest ANIMAL COLLECTIVE album. Intrigued I do something I haven’t done in many months, I downloaded music, specifically the afore mentioned band’s “Time Skiffs”. Usually I would search out the album in the local record store (they still exist folks) and buy the vinyl copy but as I said it was freezing outside so I remain in my comfy chair with my coffee.

   Now some will not know of this band let alone the fact that this is their eleventh (11th) album.  I had one of their previous recordings “Meriweather Post Pavilion” and gave it many spins a few years ago so I thought, “Why not again?”

   These new songs are somewhat thematic based around folks being isolated and confused for the last two years, something we all can relate to. Also, the fact that time passes too quickly, “Treatin’ every day, as an image of a moment that’s passed.”as sung on the tune “Prester John”.

   The band’s live performances have been described as telepathic and dreamlike, with a 3-D, modern Beach Boys like harmonies laid over a Grateful Dead groove, aka neo- psychedelic. I’m in, I’m more than ready for another trippy recording. “Let’s say tonight, you and me, we’ll watch the sky fall into pieces!” from “Strung With Everything”

   Now, the only problem is it is Saturday morning and I’m not in my stained-glass work space where normally this music would be playing on my stereo. Its playing on my Mac Book where others having breakfast can enjoy. And I hear from the nearby other room, “What is that?” and not in a good “What is that?” kinda way… more of the “Get that shit off” kinda way. Oh well, to each his/her own. I still like it. Worth a listen, 3 1/2 stars on first listen (out of 5).