IRON BUTTERFLY at FILLMORE EAST January 31 and February 1, 1969,  Pete my buddy at work attended one of those shows that weekend. He raved about this new band who blew Iron Butterfly off the stage, leaving Iron Butterfly to play just one song, their hit IN A GADDA DA VIDA, and according to Pete, Led Zeppelin the other band came back out due to the booing of Butterfly and the calls from the crowd for more Led Zeppelin. I have never been able to verify that but Pete said it, so…it must be true. 
   A few days later while at work Pete asked me to join him to see LED ZEPPELIN at THE SCENE a club in Manhattan. With little provocation I agreed to go to the Wednesday night show. But alas, the shows were cancelled due to John Bonham’s son falling at home in England and Bonham was needed there. So, I made due by purchasing LED ZEPPELIN and listening to the debut album, over and over again. And waited for their return to NY.