Sometimes our wheels slide off the rails in life. But when we get back on track we are stronger than before.  So was it with my cousin, John. When I was in high school many years ago I had an assignment to write two separate letters to two people: 1) To whom I loved but never told I love him/her. 2) To someone I idolized and why I idolized him/her…I thought it was a stupid assignment AND since I was a lazy student I thought…”Why not find one person who I loved and did not verbalize that to AND one who I  also idolized?” I wrote a letter to my (older) cousin John.Years later, he told me he saved the letter and what it meant to him.( I got a B+)

   Every Sunday for the past 24 plus years John faithfully called me, never missed, even when he was in Istanbul. Yankees, Giants, Knicks, Nets, music, friends, and family all open for discussion. Laughs abound every time .Now, “all things must pass” so today I play JOHN COLTRANE’s “Alabama” as he requested this emotional song to be his “exit piece”. Rest easy, John

Your broken-hearted cousin,