At 88 years old with countless recording dating back 60 years this collection of tunes by JOHN MAYALL is/was an adventure. 

   First the “was an adventure”.Back in January (28th,2022), I ordered as a package ($75.00) one color vinyl album autographed by Mayall along with a cd version also autographed by the 88 year old. The cd would be a birthday gift (March 18) for my friend who is a huge Mayall fan.Expecting swift delivery of both items on February 22nd I contacted the company asking about a possible delivery date. I was advised that due to a “vinyl shortage” the parcel would be delayed. My buddy’s birthday passes. April 29, I sent another request as to  “when?” and received this response, “Really sorry but the vinyl delays have been brutal. This will arrive toward the end of May. Thanks so much for your patience.”

   Me being oh, so tolerant, shot another e-mail about just sending the freaking cd, receiving no reply from the company. June 10th, ME: “any updates would be appreciated”.THEM: “Hi Michael. We’re at the mercy of the manufacturer…. The black arrived but the blue had to be repressed and is delayed until the end of June. Thanks for your patience”. July 5th: “Any update?”…“If you’re inquiring about the blue John Mayall vinyl, there was a problem with the pressing and it had to be repressed. It is delayed until early July. We’re very sorry about this and thank you for your patience and understanding”.

   I’m think JOHN MAYALL will be 89 by the time I get this in my grubby little hands.July 6: “Hi Michael. The vinyl is being delivered tomorrow and we will send orders out straight away. Really sorry about the wait”. And now, July 13th, here it is, arrived by mail, six months after placing the order. Thanks FORTY BELOW RECORDS, you guys are great (sarcasm).

   Okay, now the “is an adventure” part…I placed the blue vinyl on the turntable and cranked up the unit. The stylus hit the groove and, lo and behold, it played. I did have a moment where I thought, “What if it isn’t pressed correctly? Do I drive there and beat the shit out of someone?” Wait, wow… MELVIN TAYLOR singing and slinging on “Hungry and Ready” with MAYALL on harp.Great back beat supplied by (former BUDDY GUY bassist) GREG RZAB, drums JAY DAVENPORT and lead/rhythm guitar by CAROLYN WONDERLAND. and the horn section, WOW.This is good, very good.

“Can’t Take No More” featuring MARCUS KING is another gem. Then there is a fav of mine BUDDY MILLER playing a baritone guitar, followed by SCARLET RIVERA on a haunting violin “Got To Find A Better Way”, MIKE CAMPBELL  adds to “Chills and Thrills”…all in all these 10 songs are all gems, no clunkers here. Mayall’s vocals and keyboard playing, exceptional.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this, not just for us old time MAYALL fans, this was well worth the wait…

to be continued…