The opinions and observations are solely my own views, and I take full responsibility for any errors of fact, not to mention any predictions that prove to be wildly inaccurate.

   Anyone who suffers with GERDS knows what it is like to be awaken about 4 in the AM with a coughing fit so bad that your lungs hurt. The next day or two you re-evaluate your eating habits and attempt to never recreate the scenario which brought on the attack: spicy foods or a combination of things. My GERDS effect the other evening had me up until 6 AM, giving me ample opportunity to think, which in my case is a dangerous thing.  Tonight’s thinking agenda besides the food dilemma had one additional item… Why we, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have JOE BIDEN as President #46 ? My thinking is, “The Former Reality TV Host” aka “the former guy#45” left the voters with a bad case of GERDS and therefore we would vote for anyone who “wasn’t him” which I did. Maybe I was wrong for looking at the election of 2020 in that light but there was no way in hell I wanted to have another four years regretting the way the USA was going under his misguided leadership nor did I want to hear that pompous asshole #45 with his fourth grade vocabulary ever speak again.

   “Anyone but him” might not have been the best or most politically savvy way to go but it was the only way for me. Then the Democratic Party offered JOE BIDEN, “milk toast” at best. Both candidates were long in the tooth age wise while Biden offered years of experience.  #45 did nothing for me. As a businessman he was bankrupt many times over, divorced twice and now remarried to a trophy wife, a true looker I might add, who gained citizenship in a nefarious way. As President he surrounded himself politically with his family as advisors, fired cabinet members at will, and then when he lost the popular vote (again) AND this time the Electoral College totals, he claimed the “election was stolen” and refused to step down or go away gracefully.

   So now we are in the process of evaluating where we stand in the midterm election as well as preparing for the 2024 vote. Many shrewd pols are maneuvering in attempts to skew the elections by gerrymandering voting districts.  And those behind the scenes, well…Which leads me back to “Mr. MilkToast”, our current president. I ask myself the question almost daily, “What did Joe Do?” and I hear the response of “nothing” which is not true (follow up to come). Blame it on Congress, particularly THE SENATE, blame it on the Supreme Court, blame it whomever or whatever but truthfully, he did “nothing” good for me. Gas prices are directly attributed to the “robber barons” of old who are more concerned with profits that prices. Gas in Europe cost more than here in the US so JOE didn’t do that. Gas is up so everything else follows and the economy goes in the tank so to speak. Remember the early 1970’s when we rationed gas, odd and even days? The economy sucked and out goes the President. Which leads me to this thought,”Joe or No in 2024”.

   What will be my choice in 2024? Democrats must realize that #46 doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win the popular vote in 2024 and while tallying the blues versus reds I surmise he won’t win the electoral count either. The GOP must realize that most Americans found #45 to be a crass, arrogant asshole and voted him out for good reason. His chance of winning or lack thereof could only lead to #46 being re-elected for a second term. The only way for either party to win is to erase the slate, move past “the two” and offer some new blood. The GOP could find this easier than the Dems. “Dump Trump” and move to PENCE (or whom ever) and they stand a chance, a great chance if BIDEN is running. If The DEMS ask  BIDEN to “not seek or accept the nomination”, well, let the ball game begin.

   Let’s be honest folks, the last two presidency are not our greatest moments in history. We need a unifying President, one who can capture the true spirit of democracy, and make us whole again. Currently, I don’t see that candidate on the horizon but I only hope one will arise shortly. If it’s Biden V Trump well, God Bless The United States of America.

Today’s Listening Pleasure: ELECTRIC FLAG   “A Long Time Comin’”

to be continued… “Stolen? No Fxxxing Way”