Stolen? No Way…(66.20 %)

Oh, Ye, gentle mistresses and most distinguished gentlemen, and others… The opinions and observations are solely my own views, and I take full responsibility for any errors of fact, not to mention any predictions that prove to be wildly inaccurate.

Today’s Listening Pleasure: RANDY NEWMAN “Sail Away”

  I have a hard time fathoming that folks, some folks I know, honestly believe that the “former reality TV host” aka #45 should still be seated in the White House. They claim that the Election of 2020 was “stolen”. To them I say, “If you believe that he won in 2020 as even he claims, well…that’s two terms and he can’t run again”. The Twenty-second Amendment (1951) to the Constitution of the United States effectively limits to two the number of terms a president of the United States may serve, therefore if “The Orange Guy” won in 2016 and 2020, that’s TWO. Sayonara,big boy.

   This last election has been scrutinized with a fine tooth comb by the judicial branch of government, the candidates and their supporters, all while being played out nightly on the media and social platforms from before Election Day to the present. Recapping 2020, BIDEN received 81,268,924 popular votes, TRUMP 77,406,150. What should be noted is… only 66.20% of eligible voters (239,247,182) turned out to vote (158,383,404) for one of the ten (not just two) candidates. More than 100 million votes were cast before Election Day (early voting OR mail in). I repeat, only 66.2 % voted…Let’s reverse that to 33.8% of the eligible/registered voters DID NOT cast a ballot for any of the ten candidates. However, this 66.2% is the highest turn out since KENNEDY/NIXON in1960. This is an embarrassing statistic which for discussion I will leave for another time. 

   Recapping the last two elections in popular votes cast,

Hillary Clinton(2016) had 2,864,903 more than TRUMP and

Joe Biden(2020) had 3,862,744 more than Trump, leaving “the former guy” down -6,727,647 in the last two popular votes. Where is the “steal”?  The numbers are substantially skewed in favor of a win, until…

   THE POPULAR VOTE is what many Americans believe elects the president. Many of those mistaken Americans are learning at least from the last few elections about a thing called the ELECTORAL COLLEGE which officially “verifies and elects” the president. Which will lead us to the debacle of January 6, 2021…that I’ll also save for a later blog.

   The 2022 SENATE is split evenly between 50 Democrats(48 Dems and 2 Indeps) and 50 Republicans. But according to IAN MILLHISER(VOX) the 50 Democratic Party senators represent 41 million more people than the 50 GOP senators. Therefore, based on that number of 41 million, there is a huge difference in red versus blue state ideology (or Trump supporters versus the Dump Trumpsters).

   Let’s pull back a few years and see what America was thinking while pulling the levers, filling in the dots, punching chads, etc, on Election Days:

2008: Barack OBAMA (#44) received 69,456,032 popular votes, more votes than any other presidential candidate in history, thereby defeating John McCAIN by 9.5 million votes. Obama had 365 Electoral College votes to McCain’s 173.(Difference of 192)

2012 OBAMA(332 Electoral Votes) is re-elected defeating MITT ROMNEY(206 Electoral Votes) by 4.8 million votes.(Difference of 126)

2016 Hillary CLINTON wins the popular vote by 2,864,903 more votes than the election winner Donald TRUMP (#45). TRUMP wins the Electoral College votes 304 to CLINTON’S 227.(Difference of 77)

2020 Joe BIDEN #46 (306) defeats incumbent Donald Trump (232) by 3,862,744 popular votes.TRUMP is the 4th incumbent president to lose an election in the last century. BIDEN received the most popular votes ever, 81,268,924.(Difference of 74)

   The Election of 2020 was the 9th consecutive presidential election where the victor did NOT win a popular majority by double digits (1980).

Overall, 1992-2020

Dem Pop Votes    53,398,839

GOP Pop Votes   47,579,244

Difference: GOP  -5,809,545

   As I see it, for the last 28 years the majority of the voting populace pulls the “Blue” lever (dots, chads, whatever) rather the the “Red” ones. However, some folks don’t like the actual results. Which leads us to the “The hanging chads of Florida”, the “irregularities “in Ohio (20 electoral votes) whereby John KERRY concedes costing him the Electoral majority, Obama receiving more popular votes than any candidate in our history until Biden recreates that causing the 4th incumbent  in the past century (Hoover, Carter, Geo H.W. Bush, Trump) to lose re-election.

to be continued…