I don’t remember the exact time of year, probably early 1967 when my Dad’s friend got a few records that “fell off the truck” as he said. He listened to each and said they weren’t his cup of tea so he gifted the small stack to me, a young 15 year old record collector. There I found a Phil Ochs album, one by Buffy St. Marie, a Dave Van Ronk collection, and two BLUES PROJECT albums, “Projections” and “Live at Cafe Au Go Go”. While none made a heavy rotation on my turntable at that moment in time the “Projections” collection did garner some interest, especially a few months later while listening to TEN YEARS AFTER doing the traditional gospel number “I Can’t Keep From Cryin’, Sometimes” which AL KOOPER arranged for THE BLUES PROJECT. Then, The BLUES PROJECT spun more frequently and were heard more often during the evening hours on WNEW_FM radio.Later on I found there was a connection between PHIL OCHS, DAVE VAN RONK and DANNY KALB co-founder of THE BLUES PROJECT.

   Over the many decades of collecting music and going to concerts I must admit that I never saw THE BLUES PROJECT live and never purchased one of their albums as the first two albums were gifted to me and my buddy gave me two cds, an “Anthology”(1997) of “the BLUES PROJECT”. After reading of the death of DANNY KALB at age 80 (November 19, 2022) I did a bit of research while tossing the double cds on for a go.In retrospect I found his guitar playing to be amazing stuff, especially when the songs are listened to in a chronological sequence. So, today I offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of DANNY KALB and regret in hindsight not having listened to this master guitarist over these many years. REST IN PEACE, Godspeed, DANNY KALB.