In a short period of time, our world, at least my world, my musical world, has changed substantially. While their recorded music remains  some of my favorite artists have “left the arena” causing me difficulties, especially in reference to those whom I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing “live”, the way music should be heard.

   I’m still reeling from the death of my all time favorite guitarist, one who we saw “live” only a few weeks before, JEFF BECK, when we hear the news that DAVID CROSBY passed away.To be brutally honest, DAVID CROSBY was a unbelievable singer, one who offered angelic harmonies but I could do without his pre-song rants. Over the years I had the opportunity to see him four times, in1969 &1970 @ FILLMORE EAST with CSN&Y, then in 2022: FREEDOM OF SPEECH REUNION TOUR again with CSNY and most recently December  of 2013 @ CITY WINERY,NYC as a solo artist. The boy could sing.

   JEFF BECK on the other hand avoided the microphone at all costs, he let his guitar “sing” for him. We were fortunate enough to have seen BECK in nine variations of his band(s).“It’s so difficult because I didn’t sing. Eric [Clapton] said, and it was words of great wisdom, ‘Get used to the fact that you hate your voice, because I did.’ And I went, ‘But you sound good, I sound unbearably bad. I loathe it. I would never enjoy it even if we had another single like [Hi Ho] Silver Lining, I just couldn’t bear it,’” said Beck. 

   But only just a few weeks ago we had the passings of:

   FRED WHITE (drummer EARTH,WIND & FIRE), he a fabulous time keeper.

   ANITA POINTER (singer) Way back in 1971, sitting for two shows at FILLMORE EAST the ELVIS BISHOP GROUP rocks the house. He had not one but 4 female singers on the stage with him, The four were 3 POINTER SISTERS (yes, those POINTER SISTERS) and JO BAKER lead singer. They were magical, upbeat, and F-U-N.

   DINO DANELLI: One of my all time favorite drummers (1968 THE RASCALS @ SINGER BOWL, then The “Once Upon A Time” tour, December 13 and 15 ,2012 The Capitol Theater- Port Chester and again April 27,2013 @ The Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway).

   KIM SIMMONDS: Guitarist/Founder of SAVOY BROWN; numerous time with an ever changing cast of players but my favorite times (twice) with CHRIS YOULDEN on vocals, Roger Earl on the kit, Tone Stevens-bass, and Lonesome Dave- guitar/vocals.

    CHRISTINE McVIE: She was the one and only, the true soul of FLEETWOOD MAC. After PETER GREEN left there was a huge void in what was FLEETWOOD MAC. Christine filled that void as best she could AND kept the band moving on.Her songwriting, playing, and singing was extraordinary.August 1970@ Fillmore East.

   GARY BROOKER: PROCOL HARUM; an original founding member of the band, keyboardist and vocalist. I saw/heard the band live with MATTHEW FISHER (twice) and ROBIN TROWER (5 times) but only once after their departures. 

 Also 2022: In alphabetical order:


LAMONT DOZIER of Motown’s famed songwriting partnership HOLLAND,DOZIER, and HOLLAND.

OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN: Singer, actress


SAM LAY: drummer

JERRY LEE LEWIS: rock innovator

RAMSEY LEWIS: jazz pianist “The In-Crowd”

LORETTA LYNN: Country music icon

IAN MCDONALD:multi-instrumentalist(Mellotron) King Crimson

MEATLOAF: singer “Bat Out Of Hell”

BOBBIE NELSON: pianist/ Willie Nelson’s sister.

PHAROAH SANDERS:saxophonist par excellence

JIM SEALS: Seals and Crofts

RONNIE SPECTOR: The One and only…