“WHAT HELL AWAITS ME NOW?” is a phrase I picked up many years ago, probably in 1968 when I was just shy of seventeen years of age.  I distinctly remember reciting it a few too many times when my mother summoned me from my upstairs bedroom. She would call out my full proper name, either to answer the phone or to tell me someone was downstairs/outside awaiting my words of wisdom. One morning/early afternoon in particular, after being out until the break of day, a “mushrooms and Ozzy” kinda night, Mom called up to tell me a young lady had knocked on the door asking for me and she was sitting/awaiting in her car. “WHAT HELL AWAITS ME NOW?” seemed oh so appropriate that day as it does now, at the turn of the year. Hopefully,”no hell” just good tidings I pray.

   My local newspaper is “highlighting” the past year while also giving the readers a preview for the next. Most items of the past year focused on those who left and the items predicting the future, well let’s just say it was based on politics and the economy. Geez, what a drag.  While one, death (and taxes) is inevitable I find the need to ask more than politics/economics for the future. How about a little humanity?

   A few weeks ago I turned off the sound as I watched Tucker Carlson introducing/interviewing TONY ROBBINS who was selling his “Roadmap For Transforming Uncertainty Into Opportunity” bullshit. The facial expressions displayed by Carlson as Robbins was speaking were hilarious, I started to chuckle  which led to actual laughter which led to me ad-libbing what THE TUCK was “thinking” while ROBBINS was pontificating in the split screen. Soon, it had me holding my side due to my extreme laughter. I roared stating’ “this is the way it (watching the talking heads) should be every night”. 

   So, back to THE HELL THAT AWAITS… seems like 2023 could/should be a good year. I’m heading into my 72nd orbit, basically in fair health, and with enough money for three squares a day with a few cocktails thrown in, a roof over my head, and no pending arrest warrants, Yet, I know something is missing……..

Oh, Ye, gentle mistresses and most distinguished gentlemen, and others… The opinions and observations are solely my own views, and I take full responsibility for any errors of fact, not to mention any predictions that prove to be wildly inaccurate.