How I loved the first JETHRO TULL album “THIS WAS”, it was in  heavy rotation on my turntable in 1968 and most of 69. I anticipated seeing the band live as well as awaiting their second collection.Then I read that MICK ABRAHAMS quit TULL to form his own ensemble BLODWYN PIG. So, I waited…

I bought “STAND UP”, JETHRO TULL’S second album the same week I got “AHEAD RINGS OUT” by BLODWYN PIG (October 1969). To tell you the truth I was leaning toward THE PIG album more than the TULL collection. It had to be the sax and flute (Jack Lancaster) with MICK’s guitar that caught me. STAND UP was okay but seemed to be all over the place musically. Yet, I still loved TULL’S CLIVE BUNKER on drums and had tickets in hand to see JETHRO TULL for the first time live in December at Fillmore East. But that’s another story.

AHEAD RINGS OUT not only had a GREAT cover but within the grooves one could experience the jazzier side of pretty heavy blues music. And the sax was so prominent. Yeah, so today’s ON THE TURNTABLE is one of my favs and a true classic.

P.S.: I have an autographed CD of THIS IS from THE MICK ABRAHAMS and THE THIS WAS BAND.(2001)